Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scuffy Warbler & More Questions than Answers?

This Scruff Warbler has been giving trouble to everyone who gets a glimpse of it.
It's been around awhile now... and I just got a few record shots if it helps?

The wings look brown like a Whitethoat but most have said Chiffchaff?

With the North American Hurricane residue coming in from the west the past week or so... Everyone was hopeful for an American bird... David did find a Buff Breasted Sandpiper but a V***ery rare River Warbler from the east? Second record this year!

Unknown Hoverfly Species? I was looking for North American insects... 

A sneaky Lapland Bunting/Longspur feeding among the Twite.

Northern Lighthouse Board Helicopter -  South Light, Fair Isle


This Raven has a fan shaped tail? not just in this photo... so I wondered is it a Raven? 

Red Wellies Warbler? - Grey legs red/orange feet?
I've seen a few Willow Warblers like this... It's the reverse leg colouring of Booted Warbler?
So I made up a funny name for these birds.

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