Monday, April 29, 2013

Fossil Hunting on Buness, Fair Isle

This used to be the nicest beach on Fair Isle... millions of years ago.
Henry wanted to look for fossils...
Fair Isle is not a fossil rich environment , but we have been told there are some plant fossils on Buness.
We went looking, I don't think we found any, though the Geology and rocks are very interesting.
It was a great day to be outside and exploring our world.

You can see the beach ripples in the sedimentary rock face. 

not sure about these round bubbly formations?

other interesting rock?

If you have any geology knowledge about these rock formations? please let us know.

most of the rocks are covered with lichen.

Sheep on Buness with Sheep Rock in the background.

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  1. Your 'bubbly' features are (I think) what are called 'pseudonodules' - this is a fancy name for features that formed as the sand flowed around a bit after it was deposited but before it became solid.
    Ian Andrews