Monday, April 01, 2013

Celebrity Getaway... No Twitching Please

Fair Isle, Shetland, Scotland, UK. 
A little birdy told me.... ( always wanted to use that line. ) The "Mr & Mrs. Smith" who have recently had their "help" book every possible room and mode of transportation on and off Isle for 10 days in June, could in fact be a not so clever alias for Brad and Angelina? Rumour has it, that they (B&A Family) have taken up birdwatching and could be travelling to Britain's most remote island just for sport, a romantic or family Island Getaway or possibly Wedding or Honeymoon?

Fair Isle's rustic and charming Kirk

brad-pitt-and-angelina-jolie.jpg (550×554)
The kids want to see Puffins!

Puffin & Razorbill
Now, do I find it ironic that people seeking privacy take up a sport where everyone carries binoculars, scopes and cameras? YES! but stranger things have been known to happen and why not, when you go birding, you never look at the person next to you. Who ever is planning this visit is going all out and great lengths have been taken. What do I really know?

  • Every room available on Fair Isle has been rented, and deposits have come through from a bank in California.
  • Both the Plane & the Good Shepherd Ferry have been completely booked for the 10 days, no charters will be made available.
  • My own Auld Haa Guesthouse has been booked for "the family" and Liz, Henry & I are to leave for the duration and have been traded air-plane tickets and use of a posh flat in Barcelona for 2 weeks!
  • I have been contacted by a personal chef, "Yes, bring your own macrobiotic, vegan or vegetarian food. I'll leave some Fair Isle Lamb in the freezer."
  • They hope to show Puffins to their kids.
  • Ornithologist & wildlife guide Dr. April J. First has been hired and will be used on thier disposal.
  • I was asked how many seat are in the Kirk. also about Fair Isle Hall kitchen & tables facilities?
  • The alias "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" the movie Brad & Angelina fell in love in, isn't that clever, even to 65 folks on remote Fair Isle.

Auld Haa Guesthouse - Celebrity Getaway Destination?

Celebrity Getaway? it was bound to happen with all the media Shetland has been getting. Dancing Shetland Ponies, TV Shows & Fair Isle being ranked number 5 of the top 10 Islands in the world by National Geographic. In a way Fair Isle is a good choice, you wont be to bothered by your cellphone because reception is dodgy at best, internet slow... the people here really aren't impressed with any visitor until they see how well or fast they clip a sheep or fix and old car. They have eliminated the major paparazzi threat. And what about the local paparazzi  well Liz an I will be in Barcelona and Dave Wheeler? well, his head is in the clouds, not in the stars.


  1. hahahahaha nice April Fool Tommy!

  2. It's a very good one Tommy!

  3. Well, you got me for sure! I was about to cancel my trip out there in June!
    hahaha Too funny!

  4. Very clever! Nearly had me...

  5. OMG. You got me too! My first and only April Fools joke of the year!

  6. There was me worrying about them being buzzed by helicopters that scared off the birds, duh! Good one, Tommy.

  7. You're bound to get many more celebrity couples now you have advertised what's on offer, Tommy. You could get David to do a bit of footie training down at the South Light (I assume a long lens in Orkney is out of range?) while Victoria is castrating lambs and unblocking septic tanks. You will need to get them some sensible clothes, though.

  8. That was very plausible and had me fooled for sure. Love the puffin postcard.