Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gone Fishing! Minnesota Summer Vacation - Henry's Bass Fishing Video

Henry's Big Largemouth Bass!
 & Fishing Video

We spent 2 weeks on Cotton Lake in Minnesota... We did quite a bit of fishing!
This post shows a good representation of the fish species we caught.

One of my Bass caught on a metal silver spoon on Bastille Day.
"Bass Steel Day? Henry's joke"

Big Bullhead!

Green Sunfish

Bluegill - Sunfish
Big Northern Pike

small Pickerel-Northern Pike hybrid.

 Pumpkin Seed - Sunfish
Yet another Largemouth Bass.

Northern Pike

I'll do a post soon on the birds and other Wildlife we saw in Minnesota.


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  2. You sure caught a lot! And that is one big pike! Was that the biggest one you’ve caught? The Pumpkin Seed - Sunfish looks nice. Looks good enough to put in an aquarium. Haha!