Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Minnesota Wildlife - Butterflies, Frogs and BIRDS!

Great Spangled Fritillary

 Pearly Crescentspot

 White Admiral

Some of the many wildlife sighting Henry and I had during a two week vacation in Minnesota. 


A little video I made of Henry's night frogging adventure.

Wood Frog

Widow Dragonfly

House Wren

Least Sandpiper

American Avocet

Caspian Tern - Ring-billed Gulls - Forster's Terns
Wow that Caspian Tern is huge! bigger than the gulls.

Loon (Great Northern Diver) - It's not Minnesota wildlife without a Loon.

American White Pelican
I counted 20 at one time.

Oh Deer!

American Goldfinch

Northern Phoebe

American Redstart - male
not easy to see! but it did sit on a wire in the open only for a moment.

Yellow Warbler hiding in the tree tops.

Baltimore Oriole - juvenile 

Wood Duck - Female

Hooded Merganser and chicks

 I saw quite a few Bird species, but very few were photographed. most of those are just record shots.
Henry and I really enjoy investigating new ecosystems and habits and the critters with in.


Thanks Karen & Cove for a lovely vacation on the lake.

Bye Bye American Pie...

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