Friday, March 21, 2014

World War One Video by Fair Isle the Primary School

Fair Isle is Britain's most remote inhabited island, also claims the most remote primary school. Year around residents total about 65 people, 4 of those attend classes, with 1 other child in the nursery. This year the pupils at the local primary school researched the names on the islands war memorial. Using the information they gathered the pupils created a display for the local museum 'The George Waterson Memorial Centre'. This video was created by the school and presented to the Royal British Legion Scotland as part of the 2014 Primary School War Memorial Competition. Out of 40 schools who enter the competition Fair Isle has made it into the top 4 finalist! Winner will be announced next week, with a grand prize trip to London for the winning school.


Our Boys - Fair Isle & World War One from Fair Isle on Vimeo.

to our national winners! well done kid and all of Fair Isle.

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  1. I would like to Congratulate everyone who participated in the making of this splendid Primary School War Memorial, competiion which marks the beginning of World War One commerations. I was privileged to be at the Fair Isle Hall to witness a presentation of the finished project and was not surprised that our School has got to within the last four and I wish them every success in the final selection. I am currently researching my own families involvement in WW1. So my feelings around the schools production are raw. My paternal Grandfather Pte Wm Murdoch served with the Highland Light Infantry at Gallipoli and the Dardanelles. We could say that he was lucky to return alive but I would only know him as I saw him continually gazing into the fire in constant misery for himself and all his family and with the word Dardenelles often on his lips. My Maternal Grandfather Pte Thomas Connon served with the Gordon Highlanders, we haven't yet found the details of where he was active but we do know that was a POW in Gernany before his discharge. We have a photograph of him in black wearing what we take to be a POW armband. Grandfather Thomas was spared to return home to his family at the end of the war but died at 39years of his wounds within a year. My mother was only 9 yet old enough to realise the love she had lost on his death. It was with her all the days of her life. It distresses me more that her two brothers, my Uncles Tom and Bil were to follow their father into the World War II, with dire consequences. Being a member of CND is my Tribute.

  2. Hi Tommy, I submitted a moving response to Our Boys which was accepted and I read it in situ as One comment. Now it is no longer there. Is there a reason? Hope you are having a lovely holiday bcd home. Love to Liz and Henry.


  3. I would like to share "Our Boys" with Ails and Roddy, previous pupils of the school but to do so I am required to create a profile for Google which I have no need of. Is there another way? Margo

  4. Hello, everyone who was involved in creating this video (especially the children).


    You have produced such a beautiful and thought-provoking video, which, I am sure, will be viewed with deep emotion by many people, both now and in the future.

    It is so important that young people understand the sacrifices that have been made by the people directly involved and also by the families of the men and women who were killed or injured, as well as those who survived.

    Thank you for all your hard work in producing this video.

    Very well done to all of you.

    Christine Vickers