Sunday, March 02, 2014

The early bird, a rare Stonechat.

 Yesterday, I thought I saw a Chaffinch's white wing bars fly out of my garden, sadly never seen again. Then today while planting old sprouted garlic in my garden, I swear I heard a Wagtail fly over? Never saw it... With a Snowy Owl and a Gyrfalcon seen recently in Shetland, I have been out an about looking for big white birds? With all the Gulls and Fulmars it is a pain. I went for an afternoon drive knowing Wagtails and Chaffinch often hang out on the side of the road. I was driving to the north of the Isle at the Feely Dyke Cattle Grid when I found this Stonechat! A bird that is getting quite scarce on Fair Isle. It's not a Snowy Owl or a Gyrfalcon, I thought at first it might of been one of the few Robins about, (it wasn't an Accentor,) but that Stonechat made my day.

The Gannets are back on Kirk Stack today.
(Gannets are seen year around at sea, but they have been gone from the nesting sights for a few months.)

Purple Sandpiper - South Harbour

A Big White Bird!

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  1. White gyrfalcon on Shetland was almost certainly bollocks reported by an unreliable observer