Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Sheep Rock... Almost an Isle of it's own.

Sheep Rock (aka Sheep Craig)
as viewed from the top of Vaasetter.

Vaasetter as you approach the cliff near Sheep Rock.

An un-transverseable wall like ridge connects the two,
 almost making Sheep Rock an inaccessible Island already.

A large Winter gale caused a fall or subsidence. 
 The strip of land (Da Whills) connecting Fair Isle to it's beloved landmark is the source of erosion still clouding the water in the North Mila Hesslands all these months later. Sheep Rock isn't ready to cut all ties with the just Fair Isle yet, yet, this makes me wonder if I'll see it in my life time?

Close up: The fall of rock and dirt.

You can see the cloudy light turquoise water as it drifts out to Sea.
note the clear water on the other side.
Don't go we love our Sheep Rock!


  1. Hi! I’m here because I’ve been reading Ann Cleeves’s Shetland mysteries, the third being set on Fair Isles. Sheep Rock is mentioned, and I wanted to see what it looks like.

    I’m a New Yorker, too: Brooklyn. Native and will be here until I die. I admire people who go to faraway places with not-so-strange-sounding names.

  2. I'm reading her book as well. Hope to see this place once)