Monday, June 16, 2014

Bridled Tern - Fair Isle

Bridled Tern as viewed by the FIBO Staff on Buness, Fair Isle.
 Another first for Fair Isle! Tick! Found by Warden David Parnaby. By the time I had got there the bird had flown off. The group of folk had seen it and slowly dissipated. After about 45 min. of looking it was just David & I when I said, "that bird has dark wings... that's it!" David then put out the news again and people came back and the Shetland twitchers knew to boarded the plane in Tingwall with hope. I had great views and took some record photos.

Bridled Tern in so beautiful in flight, but honks like a mini goose.

Bridled Tern resting on the rocks of Buness.

It was great to have my son home for Father's Day weekend.
To bad he missed the bird by a few hours before heading back to School in Lerwick this morning.

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