Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Colour of Home

The ever changing colour of clouds during sunset.
 Viewed from up top Malcolm's Head.

through the doorway...

I would rather fly....

But the plane isn't going....

Calm Sea...

All is quite in the South Harbour...

Home for a few days....


  1. THESE ARE BREATHTAKING and SOUL is a blessing to know of a place of peace, and completion and joy here. Free from the fetters of the illusion of mortal material seemings, this , the TURE REALITY of spirit, comes forth for us. THANK YOU for taking the time to bring these to us at this time...we all need to be reminded of what really matters, and you have captured it right here, right now---what matters is LOVE and PEACE and it is so fully expressed in these photos of natural beauty in the univserse.

    1. Thank you. I often feel as you have said when photographing Fair Isle.

  2. Your photos are amazing.

  3. thanks for sharing your dream and home with us via Ben Fogle's Lives in the wild. Very lovely blog, beautiful pictures and stunning shots of yourself and Henry, look forward to one day visit the Fair Isle!
    Greetings from Manchester, UK!