Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fair Isle Adventure - Fishing with Kenny

Holy Mackerel! that is a big one!

Kenny Stout - Captain and tour guide,
takes Henry and I out for and afternoon of fishing and fun.

get the rods in the water!

 Cod - that is nice eating! 

5 Mackerel at a time on a light line and rod... what fun!

A good catch! we will eat well tonight!

Fair Isle's Sheep Rock. 
 you can see the caves we went through in the boat... always outrageous!


it's like fishing with a young Lou Reed?

Kenny having fun navigating through the narrowest rock passages.

Holy Mackerel & Oh My Cod!
Kenny's is making his Cod is eat Henry's Mackerel... ha ha!

Looking for birds and beach-combing on the the South Harbour Beach.

Male - Blackcap

Auld Haa House

God Natt - we will keep the light on for you...

Henry & Tommy

Tommy H. Hyndman
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  1. Wish I'd been with you, it's a while since I tasted mackerel fresh from the sea....

  2. Such joy in each photo...esp the one of Father and son. Ps, Bet the dinner was wonderful!!! smiles..Merri

  3. Wonderful weather for the time of year and a great catch! Henry is getting so tall,,, we remember the fish we ate and fantastic crabs,, many years ago, out fishing with Barry! Great memories!

  4. Just watched you,your adorable son & The gorgeous Fair Isle on Ben Fogle. What a life! I too moved from Canada to Scotland but live in Glasgow. I could only dream of living a life there and commend you for the bravery. Hope to get out there one day with my son to see all it's beauty. ­čśÇ

  5. I really enjoyed the programme. You are very talented and creative. I especially liked the hats, paintings and photos. Your son is very lucky to be able to experience this way of life, he is a credit to you. I also wish that there was more community spirit. I hope 2016 is a happy healthy year for you both. I am hoping to catch up on my arts and crafts. I couldn't cope with the cold but the scenery and wildlife are breath taking. Thank you for sharing your life with the tv people. Definitely an amazing insight into island life. Best wishes for the future.

  6. Community spirit should be like this island, very inspirational,