Thursday, March 04, 2021

Fair Isle Artist in Residency & Auld Haa Guesthouse Self-catering

New Adventure! I am starting the Fair Isle Residency Project. 
Artist - Adventurers - Scientists - Craftpeople
Creative types and hard workers wishing to stay 2 weeks or more can apply for this opportunity.

  If you are willing to stay in my Son's room while he is away at University and give me 20 hours a week of work we might be able to make an arrangement. The work would be physical, gardening, maintenance, house painting, cleaning, etc. After a video chat interview, if you are selected and a time slot is vacant and agreed upon, your stay at the Auld Haa will be self-catered with plenty of free time to enjoy Fair Isle and creative pursuits. If selected use of my Artist Studio at the South Lighthouse a close walk away will also be yours to use and enjoy. At the end of your stay, I would like a work of your art for my collection.

Only a few residencies a year will be offered. 
I am taking applications now for Spring 2021 (sometime in April or May)

   This may seem to be a great deal seeing how I sometimes rent Henry's room for £100.00 a day. Remember not to over idealize it. I'm sort of a wild guy needing some help getting some stuff done in a place it's hard to find people to help. I like to help other artists too, I know a visit to Fair Isle is an inspiration for a lifetime. If you have a grant or sabbatical and want to work out a longer stay without the work hours and a reduced rate let's talk. If you are traveling with a partner or friend let me know, that might work too. It's all new and I am working with new ideas.

Please contact me through my Facebook or Instagram messenger. 

A registered historic building and landmark owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

New Self-catering Accommodations

As Travel and Tourism start again I am offering Self-catering Accommodation. 
It's not the way I choose to have guests, it's how I can have guests safely.
A preference for longer visits from guests is the new normal.

Self-catering Prices - food can be bought at the Fair Isle Shop.

1 person, 1 room - £70.00 

2 persons, 1 room - £120.00     

Aerial picture of Fair Isle in case you don't know where you are going?

the blue room


Full Board Rates - When Back to Normal

Two small but charming rooms with shared bath, access to the dining room,
living room, Garden & Wireless Internet.

One large size bed in each room, very luxurious for one…
made to comfortably sleep two. Shared bathroom.

♦ Price includes Breakfast, Dinner & Dessert ♦
No Lunch

 Food is bought at full retail from Stackhoull Store. Supporting another Fair Isle business as well.

You can pay this much for just a room in most places in Britain.
And we are the most remote! not surprising most things cost more here.

Full Service Prices
 1 person, 1 room - £100.00 
2 persons, 1 room - £160.00 

The Auld Haa has two guestrooms and a third room if necessary, to accommodate children,  students, stranded day-trippers, and desperate birdwatchers when a rare bird is about... 
I may find a bed for you. So give Tommy a call. 01595 760 349

If you want Student Rates, (25 or under with student ID.)
Woofing or can help around the house and garden let me know.
Maybe we can work something out?
{Requires a Video Interview}

the red room

Guest Bathroom


This is not a fancy Guesthouse! no lace doilies here.
This is staying in a weird artist's home full of curious art and objects.
Be warned the Auld Haa is run by an independent wild man,
the type of person that would live on a remote island. 

I run the Guesthouse mostly alone,
or sometimes with help from my son or another Islander.

Family-style meals at a shared table. 
A very relaxed atmosphere.
The house cleaning could be better I know!
Most people think it is quite an experience, to say the least.
I have been welcoming guests to my home since 2007.
No one has died yet, but a few almost from laughing.


  1. I will show this to my Wife! btw I know that painting, cant quite put my finger on it, reminds me of a Polish Composer. Anyway here are some photos

  2. The island is enchanting- how blessed you are to live in beauty with peace and community.

  3. Wow saw the return of Ben Fogle to your awesome home...the Fair Isle is breathtaking.
    I live in Norfolk and would adore to paint and wash potatoes in the sea
    What a wonderful place to
    "just be..."
    literally to be one with nature. I shall look for your blog and see perhaps more information online .
    I would love to visit such a beautiful, rugged and inspiring place one day.🙏💫✌

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