Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweet Siskins Love Birds

Male & Female - Siskin eating niger seed under my feeder.

This morning 12 Siskin showed up on my bird feeders. Seemly quite approachable as I crawled on my belly to get within a few feet of them to take this photo. They make a cute couple don't they?


  1. Sorry, Tommy this might not be the lovely picture you think. I've seen this before and have it again now. Please take a look here http://www.rspb.org.uk/advice/helpingbirds/health/sickbirds/greenfinches.aspx

    I hope I'm wrong :-)

  2. Shirl, you are wrong... the birds in my Photo are perfectly healthy. Just a little bit hungry as is always the case after you flap across the North Sea. I did how ever thoroughly clean my niger seed feeders yesterday before filling them. Cheers

  3. Hey Tommy, you've made the Daily Telegraph! We've always thought that 10,000 Birds was the most visited bird blog in the world - but I have a feeling you must be doing rather better than us at the moment. Congratulations!

  4. Another cracking photo Tommy, and hope yu enjoyed the autumnwatch invasion last week.

  5. Thanks for linking my blog all over the web everyone! I'm not even a birding blog? all I have are some photos and stories to tell. Birds are just part of my life on Fair Isle. So Charlie your still #1! cheers

  6. Hi Tommy, I just found your blog and I think it's really life-affirming and refreshing. It's great to see something so positive and interesting and I'm sure your son must be enjoying such a healthy and fun upbringing! I'd have loved to have grown up on Fair Isle!

    It's great to see your photos too. As someone with just a simple compact camera that I sometimes simply hold up to my 'scope I can't get serious photographic results (can't afford a real camera, sigh...), but as you have shown, with a little ingenuity such as constructing apple "trees", you can still get good images (the last Barred Warbler picture is astonishing). Thanks for sharing and good luck with everything!

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