Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting ready... Nice Day in December

Sunrise 9:00am on the golf course

A peaceful sunrise.

Pink December morning light on the South Lighthouse - Fair Isle

The light & colours changes so fast at that time of the morning

We had had several wicked storms! the wind and salt has burned all the Sea Ivory Lichen a rusty red.

Robin & Tailless Dunnock (ringed) in the garden.
The Dunnock is so funny it looks like a tiny Water Rail

This Blackbird was eating this unwanted present that someone left in my Garden...
Illustrating quite well that many migrant birds have a hard time finding a decent meal this time of year.

I found this Viking figure on the South Harbour beach at the bottom of the cliff where it is said the 50 Spanish Armada crew are buried. OMG! it's Ivory! I thought... only to pick it up and to realize it was old plastic. oh well... it's still sort of a cool thing to find. I would guess it was made in the 1970's and lost by a local boy? Let me know I you have any claims for lost toys?
Plenty of coal for my stocking being unloaded from the Good Shepherd

& the Christmas Trees have arrived!

What's that on the Horizon?

The Russian Navy passing bye...
 Battleship and Aircraft Carrier in this photo
 but also a supply/research ship? and what looked like a Submarine on the surface trailing behind them. 

A bit of a green flash to get into the holiday spirit!

The above Photos have all been taken in the past few days... Cheers!

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  1. Great pictures Tommy - glad the trees have arrived OK - enjoy your Christmas with your family.