Monday, December 26, 2011

White Christmas Fair Isle Style! & random holiday photos

The choir sings Christmas Eve at the chapel
Visiting for the holiday Karen (Mother-in-Law) & Auntie Joyce make their voices heard.

Candles in the Chapel window

Elena plays the Chapel organ wearing a Funky Fair Isle hat she hand knit herself.

lights on the tree. . .

The  Fair Isle Christmas Chorus 2011

Tom lighting the way...

Christmas Eve Party at the Auld Haa
participants in the Yankee auction gift exchange

Anyone want to trade? woot! woot!

our Tree...

Henry and a few of his favorite gifts!
Darth Maul plush toy, Lego Storm Trooper Clock & New hand knit Fair Isle Kep.
Thanks Santa! Special K! and Mom & Dad! 

This is my "AMAZING" gift from Liz & Henry
A water colour/painting by Brian Small of my Citril Finch
 Special thank to Brian who was a guest at our B&B last Autumn

Find a Citril Finch painting under the Christmas tree is almost as good as finding one in Britain!

A White Christmas was had out to sea as it was not blue!
The gales continued all day and into the night Christmas mass at Church was even cancelled due to bad weather. but with winds from the south east it seemed quite warm for December.

Salty spray in the air and on the windows... that is as close to a white Christmas as we could get this year.

Cheers & Merry Christmas!
Tommy, Liz & Henry


  1. Brian's water colour is beautiful-a great present from Liz and Henry! Even more special memories of the bird!Looks like another interesting Fair Isle Christmas!

  2. Now thats what i call a present! WHAT I WOULD GIVE FOR A BRIAN SMALL ORIGINAL....LEGEND
    AMAZING is an understatement.
    Happy New Year Tommy, Henry and Liz
    Best wishes
    p.s. Dunlin races are well and truly a different league of bird ID...stunning little calidrid and cracking pic....I haven't seen either Hudsonia, or sakhalina to justify any comments and would only be able to re-digest from refence material I am afraid regarding this bird but is very interesting