Friday, December 30, 2011

Dunlin - Alpina or possible Hudsonian?

Dunlin - Alpna? Hudsonian?

I have been wanting to post more photos of this bird for months now and thought I should do so before the New Year. In September I read an article in Birding World Magazine Volume 24 number 5 (June 2011 - Issue No.293) titled "An apparent Hudsonian Dunlin in Norfolk" reviewing my photos from May 20th, 2011 just 5 days after the one seen in Norfolk I saw many similarities? But this type of technical bird identification is well beyond me and most normal people. So it is for those special few (bird geeks) I share this now.... you know who you are.


Check out this bit of DunlinVideo!

I first posted a photo of this bird on my blog May 21st:
Everyone else that day was chasing a rustic bunting that I couldn't get close enough to to get a decent photo. But, this rustic Dunlin was quite approachable with my pocket camera on the sheltered Kirki Geo Beach. From that one photo posted I was told about the Hudsonian possibility?

 I know it is most inconclusive but I'm pretty sure it is a Dunlin?
What do you think?

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