Monday, January 23, 2012

Time to Keep - Lise Sinclair's Music Project

One of the flagship projects during this Year of Scotland’s Islands Culture is Fair Isle resident Lise Sinclair’s series of songs inspired by George Mackay Brown’s book, A Time to Keep. Brown was one of Scotland’s most prolific writers. The book and now the music identifies the strengths and the difficulties of living in a closely-knit community and has a sharply observant eye for human kindnesses and failings, and is particularly sympathetic to those on the edge of any society.”

For Lise, the project is about connecting the past and the present...and music is a way of keeping this time.

She has assembled a band of musicians reflecting a shared Northern Isles cultural identity from Orkney, Fair Isle, Shetland and Iceland. Together they are recording and producing a CD and booklet of Lise’s new songs along with an Icelandic translation. During March 2012, they plan to premiere the work in Orkney, followed by performances in Fair Isle, Shetland, the Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh and Iceland.

Have a listen to Lise's interview on
The Book Cafe - BBC Radio Scotland today:

BBC  Video by Fair Isle's Liz Musser

More info on Lise Sinclair on BBC Website

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