Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Henry & the Puffins - Fair Isle Video by Liz Musser for Promote Shetland

Atlantic Puffin with Sandeels - Fair Isle

Temporary Working Video Link: http://vimeo.com/28342681

Video by Liz Musser (my wife)

* Starring *
Henry Hyndman (my son)
Dr. Will Miles
Jason Moss
& the Puffins of Fair Isle

Music by Inge Thomson

Made for

Thank you Fair Isle Bird Observatory

The Videographer

The Talent
The Birds
Fair Isle


  1. MAGIC! WILL AND HENRY A KILLER COMBINATION...both legends...if that doesn't get people to shetland nothing will...lovely film Liz, would love to see more! the only bad point i would make is maybe you shouldn't advertise it on here!!!! I was just beginning to accept the city and becoming a drone...now youve made me see what it is to live again and i want to be there...forget the rat race i want the puffin race!

  2. Awesome vido, thanks so much for sharing I really enjoyed watching it and learning more about the puffins and even the meaning of the words that Henry explained were interesting as well.

  3. Way to go, Henry! I'm looking forward to your cameo on the Storm Petrel (hint!° hint!)

    Ken Wilson (remember him!?)

  4. Hi Liz Congrats nice to see you're work coming to fruition, and Henry well he's a natural, working so well with Will. Be nice to see more, like Jack and Ken Wilson say. Margo

  5. Thanks everyone! Liz loves hearing your positive words! Henry knows he is a star and seems unphased, While Will is just glad not to be made a monkey out of. Keep the comments coming... We all like hearing from you!

  6. AAAAWWWWW!!!!! That was lovely! Smashing wee film and great music too. Henry is picking up a real Shetland twang as well. Excellent!