Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kiss the Birds! Siskin, first of the year and it's eating out of our hands!.

(Eurasian) Siskin Carduelis spinus

This Siskin showed up today at my feeder. The first one of the year seen on Fair Isle.
I had been expecting one as I know they always come when the the Daffodils are in bloom.
What I didn't expect was it to eat out of my hand!

As I stood still photographing the Siskin from 4 foot away it zipped of the feeder and cleaned it's beak on my shoulder! Wow! Then as I went to fill the feeder the hungry bird flew back to the feeder in my hands.

Soon the Siskin was eating out of my hands! 
I knew Henry would want to see this. It was about 5pm. and Henry was playing with his friends, so I drove up to retrieve him from the school playground. We took turns taking photos while marvelling over this little hungry bird that had just traversed an ocean crossing. Male Siskins like this one are so beautiful with their flashes of yellow and black we are just loving it that we were able to have this close encounter.

I touched it with my nose... LOL!

Not to be out done... Henry kissed the bird!


  1. Exquisite photos - I wonder why the birds are so good to you? As soon as I appear they fly off.

  2. wow what an amzing experience. The photos are stunning, what a beautiful little bird. Thanks :)

  3. Fantastic Tommy and Henry, you definitely can charm the birds. Lovely photos!

  4. Elena Mera-Long22 March 2012 at 20:56

    Tommy, how do you manage it? I reckon you are the reincarnation of St. Francis!

  5. I get teary seeing these photos, to think that there is still a place in the world where this can happen, and people gentle enough to do it. Thanks for being there and sharing your experiences.

  6. Just great..... Thank you ! <_oporto-portugal>