Friday, March 23, 2012

A Certain Glow - Northern Lights & Aurora

Auld Haa House has a certain glow about it.
The Green haze of the Northern Lights shown bright in the clear moonless sky last night.
It looks oddly familiar in a light pollution hazy way, like a mall parking lot or a distant city just over the hill. 
The light shown brightly about 9pm only to fade into complete darkness by 10pm.
At midnight it shown almost as bright again then fading to darkness by 2pm when I finally went to bed.
Nedder Taft - Taft - Museum - Chapel - as seen from the Auld Haa

high beams lights
The School House
I took some of the colour out of this photo to make it more like what we actually see.

The camera collects light for many seconds while the eyes & brain go from moment to moment.

View from my South Light Studio looking north.

South Lighthouse

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