Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Queen's Bonfire - Diamond Jubilee Celebration Fair Isle

Some memories never go away like this 31 year old plastic crisps bag commemorating
Lady Diana's Royal Wedding from 1981 that Henry just found while digging in our garden.

The only sign of decomposing is the loss of the red ink, doesn't that make you think? 

Musical Mermaid
new commissioned wire sculpture... Sorry folks this one is sold.  

The days other big news was the Ring Billed Gull Twitch.
A North American Sea Gull the 3rd record for Fair Isle.


  1. Love bonfire photo No. 4 - hang on to that crisp packet, it might be valuable.

  2. And a good time was had by all :)

  3. Love The Mermaid!....and the pics...thanks for sharing! Annie & Paul :o) :o)

  4. Henry says will sell the 1981 royal wedding crisps bag to the highest bidder. LOL

  5. Now that is a party. I love photo #5 with the women wearing the Fair Isle hats.

  6. I was there with the ring billed gull.
    After chat at the Airfield set up my blog Tommy.
    Richard Waters Photography (blog name)