Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Olympic Torch on Fair Isle? Natalie Clark & other recent photos..

A boys burning desire to carry a torch!
Henry was bummed to here the Olympic torch was in Shetland but was not coming to Fair Isle. So I cut a picture of the torch out of the Shetland Times Newspaper, attached it to a sparkler and let him run around.

The Queen's Biscuits & a Icterine Warbler
The Queen & Icterine really have nothing in common...
though their names rhyme and they both like to wear pale yellow.
So from now on when she wears yellow I may have to call her the Icterine Queen.

Natalie & Me
My dear friend Natalie Clark & son Otto came to visit for a few days from the USA.
How I wish I had a photo of us to show when we met in the early 1980's at Alfred University.
Natalie is English and lives in America splitting her time between Washington D.C. & The Tenons Mountains in Idaho. That is when she is not travelling the rest of the world of course. Who would of ever guessed we would now be living in the others country? The visit was short, but sweet!
What's on my head? see link: http://www.natalieclark.com/scarves.html

A Fair Isle Kep comes back to see it's knitter...

The Fair Isle Nature Club - with Nick Riddiford
Willie & Gina - Rosemary & Magnie
 Much more than welcome guests at the Auld Haa.

One Happy Micha! - the leader of a German Birding Tour after seeing a rare River Warbler with only minutes to spare before his departure on the afternoon plane.
Puffins & Razorbill

Natalie, Liz, Henry & Otto taking in the sights and taking photos.


  1. That tin is going to be a collector's item some day, make sure Henry doesn't throw it out.


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