Monday, June 25, 2012

River Warbler & Summer Solecist Photos

River Warbler Locostella fluviatilis

Asst. Warden Jason Moss refinds the River Warbler... The bird was caught, ringed & released.
for more info:

I thought the River Warbler would of had much bolder undertail coverts stripes? This bird had lost quite a few tail feathers, it might have to stay around a bit longer and grow them back? Usually  River Warblers are quite sculky. We will be lucky to see it again as it went 10 days since it's last sighting, somehow not showing or found for the FIBO Board Members. ouch!

Bee Mimic Fly

Marsh Warbler in the garden on and off for the past week.

Heart in Nature

Fair Isle Thursday Performance
Neil - Lise - Stewart - Stewart

Hattie the first full time bartender at the FIBO bar. Cheers!

The rare Frog Orchid

Solecist Bonfire Beach Party in the Havens


  1. Just so ya know, it was Will who had the pleasure of ringing the River. Mustn't steal his thunder!

  2. Interesting, I would have thought it was a bee if you hadn't pointed it out as being a fly.

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