Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fair Isle BUGS me! I'm leaving...

Cabbage White / Large White
This Butterfly is not so common on Fair Isle.
 I'm on the way to the States to visit friends & family for a few weeks. So I'm posting these recent insect photos from my garden though I'm in transit. don't have my insect field guide on hand to add the proper names.

This is a new Hoverfly species for me.

Henry's Drawing of a Hoverfly

Time to FLY! to America that is... Cheers!


  1. Hope you enjoy your trip back home. Glad it is just a sojourn and that you will be back reporting again from Fair Isle.

  2. The hoverflies are Scaeva selenitica in the first photo, Episyrphus balteatus in the second, Eristalis intricarius, Helophilus pendulus and Rhingia campestris in the second, H. pendulus in Henry's drawing and R. Campestris with the Silver Y. Regards, Mike P.