Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bohemian Waxwing Feathers

Waxwing Wing Feathers
The red tips of the greater coverts feathers was said to look like red sealing wax for letters & documents from days long ago. Thus giving the bird it's common name Waxwing.

undertail coverts, tail & primaries wing feathers

The source of the feathers. The scattered remains of a Waxwing I found in my garden. A beautiful mature bird with strong markings, most likely the one I had been feeding for the past few days. My wife suggested I crop out the bloody meaty bits before posting this photo on the blog. I guess it's the old fly fisherman in me that collects these feathers but I'm not sure want to tie them on to a hook. I've seen both Merlin and Hen Harrier buzz my garden recently but I would guess a cat... But I can't be sure. As sad as this is I can't help think that so many more birds would of died if I hadn't fed so many Waxwings so much fruit (Apples Raisins & Grapes) at considerable cost the past 3 weeks. I wonder if this bird was healthy? would it not of most likely left with the bulk of the other Waxwings days ago. Nature beautiful & cruel. 
I much rather see these feathers like this.

Great Tit still about the garden...
A Ring Tailed Harrier being chased by a Hooded Crow.
I've seen the (Hen?) Harrier cruse the Wali Burn a few time recently.
The Woodlark is no longer around the Auld Haa and most likely move south...

on my finger while eating...

Waxwing Coated Apple.

Angry Birds?


  1. Hi there - these are wonderful pictures! Came here from the Guardian!

    If you have any interest in such things I run a post on Wednesdays (all the way through to Friday - my time) where people can post links to bird related blog posts - this post would be great as part of that! So, join in if you feel the need!

    Stewart M - Australia

    PS: The "blog share thing" is called "Wild Bird Wednesday" SM

  2. Gorgeous photos, my favourite is the fourth one down, lol, it'd make a brilliant jigsaw puzzle.