Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Himmerland at the Fair Isle Hall

Himmerland at the Fair Isle Hall

An AMAZING mix of music & stories were well received by the Fair Islanders inform by a concert by Himmerland an eclectic Danish music group last night.

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Himmerland is a group of five traveling musicians, each carrying very different life stories and traditions in our rucksacks.  We come from three regions of Denmark - Bornholm (an island in the Baltic Sea), Copenhagen, and Northern Jutland - and from Poland and Ghana, in West Africa.  

We met for the first time at the Halk√¶r Festival in the beautiful wide-skied northern part of Jutland called Himmerland, in Denmark.  This is where Eskil lives on his organic farm, and this is where we were about to perform a small concert to celebrate the release of his solo album ’Himmerlandsmelodier’. 

We had all played on the album, but since we had laid down our tracks separately, we had never actually met each other until then.  The concert went very well, and not long after we performed at ’Summart√≥ner’, a Faroese festival for new music. That was such a great experience that we decided to form the band ’Himmerland,’ naming it after the place where we first came together.  

We compose our own music and infuse it with all the different traditions that run in our blood.  Traveling with our music to Europe, Russia, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand, we represent a Denmark where people from around the world can meet, live together and all contribute to a sweetly simmering cultural melting pot.  We hope that you will have fun listening to our new album, and we very much look forward to meeting you some day. 

Have a listen for your self?

It's small but I'll blow their horn.

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