Saturday, November 24, 2012

Scallop Shell Santa - Christmas Ornaments

Ho Ho Ho! look what Santa's helper made.
Made from the flat Scallop Shells. Once you see the Scallop Shell Santa you may never be able to just see a plain Scallop shells again with out thinking of Santa's face and beard. I made some for the Fair Isle school Christmas sale and have a few left over. If you want one send me 10. pounds, that includes shipping. contact info

Or you could make your own? it could be a great group crafts project!
Great for kid or adults.
 Easy!  1. drill hole - 2. paint face - 3. spray clear varnish - 4. string & bead - 5. hang on tree

Santa with hat variation. 

Just remember I made them first.
I couldn't help it, painting all those Santas I started to see myself...
Inspiring this shell self shell
portrait while messing about the studio.
Might of been better if I had looked in the mirror but funny just the same.
Each Santa Shell Christmas Ornament comes with my Fair Isle Collection Tag.

 I also made a few clocks:
Fair Isle Island Time - clock

Fair Isle Clocks 15. pounds

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