Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Treats! in photos...

 Yummy! Christmas Cut-out Cookies - by Henry an I

Christmas Eve Party at the Haa ( most folks had left before I took any photos)   :(


Tree at the Kirk Christmas Morning

Ho Ho Ho? more like Who Who Whooo!
Long-eared Owl in the Lower Stoneybreck garden.

Lego Santa Dance! (still from video)

Watch Lego Santa Dance!

My Christmas cartoon for the Fair Isle Times newspaper.

Winter can be the best time to photograph the South Lighthouse with the sun low on the southern sky.


  1. wishing you all a very happy new year to you all for 2013 from neil and family see you all soon

  2. Great Christmas and nature photos. Amazing long-eared owl - I have never seen a "real" one, as we don't get them round here (Eastern England). We have barn owls though - have seen those, also various birds of prey, such as kestrel, buzzards and kites. We've had a few unusual winter visitors this year - probably because of the strange weather. There was a flock of waxwings in our garden, eating the apples left on the tree, plus a group of redwings, gobbling berries from our bushes. We don't see either of these birds very often. And last week a female lesser spotted woodpecker was on the lawn, digging for ants - another rarity.
    How different it is here, to Fair Isle. But you had your Christmas too!
    Happy New Year to all. One day I will visit Fair Isle (the closest I've been is Foula, so far!).