Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sunny Day - Fair Isle Landscape

SouthHarbour - low tide

South Harbour - panorama 

Raevas - Hjunkni Geo - Hoini - panorama 

Hjunkni Geo  and the cliffs of Hoini

My honey on Hoini

If you can see that speck with her camera up top?
 That might give you some sense of scale.
Liz Musser taking advantage of a sunny day, gathering landscape video for her new project.
Now Liz looks like a giant at the cliffs edge,
 believe me the awe of Fair Isle's landscape makes one feel humble, quite mortal but alive.
No wonder our son Henry's drawing won a place in the NHS Shetland - 2013 Heath & Safety Calender.

"Birds fly People don't!"
The Raevas
The rock formation Long Kole, also know as "da Queen"
Said to look like Queen Victoria's profile when viewed through the Reavas from Shirva.
as in this photo...
Snow Buntings
I had a peak count of 57 Curlew the other day.
Yeah! The Christmas Trees came in last night on our Good Shepherd ferry.
Which had not sailed for 2 weeks due to bad weather and high seas.


  1. Nice collection, Tommy, Liz, Henry

    Thanks for the caution Henry 'Birds Fly People don't" great sketch.

  2. Just catching up on blog reading - finally have internet access here in Belize, or I would have commented sooner. Stunning scenery! I do see the likeness to Queen Victoria's profile.