Sunday, December 16, 2012

Making Waves! Big Storm Fair Isle.

The waves through rocks over the road in the Havens.
I didn't even go outside until the afternoon but a gale blew all the night before... even so the rain and wind made it hard to take photos with out hiding behind something. I think the Isle got a bit smaller today because of all the erosion. The winds came from the east and the Havens were protected with Buness taking the brunt of the waves but still a lot of damage was done from the wash around. Most of the big storms here come from the west or Atlantic side of the Isle.

Wave over the brakewall - North Haven

You can see the water pouring off the pier as it was just under water.
the skips have been pushed/floated down the pier.
You can see the northern end of Buness and the North Haven brakewall are under water.

This fishing boat was riding out the storm on the sheltered west side of the Isle.

I found this Gurnard among the seaweed at Kirki Geo. 

Goosander! uncommon on Fair Isle.
This is only my second sighting of this species since moving to Fair Isle six years ago.
 Sheltering in the North Haven this Goosander was riding out the storm with the Eiders, Shags & a Scoter.

A Dunlin & some Purple Sandpipers have joined the flock of Turnstones on the Haven beach.

Wind blown and in need of a clean up and a few repairs... all are well on Fair Isle.


  1. Hi, Tommy. Graham here, the birder who spent three weeks in the Puffin in October, now back on St Agnes, Isles of Scilly. Really enjoyed catching up with your blog, the Magnolia twitch photos brought back some real happy memories. Just wanted to tell you we are getting absolutely battered by storms down here, too. Looks like another big 'un might be on its way for Christmas. Best wishes

  2. I wouldn't want to be in the buildings that are that close to the shore that's for sure.

  3. Great Sormy Album Tommy. well covered if you excuse the pun. Margo

  4. fabulous photos - we will be building a house on the northcoast of Sutherland next year - in calmer weather we hope!
    Love Henry's goldfish - can I find it somewhere for my own blog or did you develop it yourself?