Sunday, January 27, 2013

What is this?

Today Henry found this on the South Harbour Beach, Fair Isle.

It looks to be hand carved ivory/bone? if you have any Idea what it is? please let me know. Age unknown?

 Henry found it in the seaweed & rocks washed up below the cliff where the 50 dead of Spanish Armada are said to have been buried in 1588. so one wonders... or  maybe Vikings? Over 5000 years of human activity on Fair Isle, . with the winter storms we have had plenty of erosion from the cliffs. I think it is possible that it fell from the cliff and has been washed clean and has suffered some chips and wear. But I also could wonder if it could of been washed in from one of the many old shipwrecks?  Truely, It is most likely that it is more more modern in origin.

My imagination leads me in many ways... it looks like the holes were used for attaching to threads, yarn, wire or sinnue? Of course being we are on Fair Isle, wouldn't be great if it was used for textiles in some way. Spinning? Knitting? Weaving? etc. less practical ideas could be a bit of jewellery, ornament, musical instrument or wind chime?  

The best guess or suggestion so far has come from Kathy Coull from my facebook photo, "one half a purse or bag frame" This explains the metal where the latch would of been and the holes for attaching the bag. popular in the Victorian period.
it's a rainbow!
 Boy Birdwatcher - South Lighthouse, Fair Isle.


A Dram  of Whisky with Haggis, Neaps & Tatties - Burns night dinner.

Blue Velvet - crab shell

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