Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yoal never see this again. Sad lost of boats in the storm.

Photo taken Jan. 23, 2013
The old yoals always made a lovely photo,
reminding all of us of the days when men made there life at sea.
I took this photo last week because I was sad that the bow had blown of in a resent gale.
It seems that these yoals have always been there... a Fair Isle fixture and landmark.
Photo taken Sept. 14, 2012
Yoal boat with bow still intact

Photo taken Jan 30, 2013
Today, what's missing? the other yoal is completely gone! blown away and out to sea.
I was shocked!
Sure it was Gale force 9 with gusting wind up to 86 mph last night, but this happens occasionally. 
Photo taken Jan. 30, 2013
Broken up and some bits washed back on shore in Kirki Geo.
I find this very sad, a lost of history.

Rubbish on Kirki Geo Beach.

Some reaction from around the Isle...

A sad Seal

The Sheep hang heads low.

a Monkfish cries out!
Video taken Jan. 29, 2013


  1. from the indents on the ground, it seems other yoals have been lost. Glad that you are documenting this in images.

  2. That should not have been allowed to happen - a little bit of history lost. The photo of the sheep is fantastic - well done.

  3. Stewart Wilson would have been so upset. He did give them a lick of paint and there was talk of moving them but perhaps they seemed just as safe cooried-in to the noost than more exposed to the elements somewhere else. Our children enjoyed playing in the boats as they did on the old road roller on our walks round the island when the were Peerie. A real adventure play-ground. It will be a hurtful sadness for all the bairns with these memories. Perhaps in the future when some other boat has reached the end of it's working life it should be placed in the noost where it will serve a happy purpose for a considerable time. Margo.

  4. So sad to lose such lovely items.
    The video is wonderful, the waster still looks so blue, clean with such white frothy waves.Beautiful.

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