Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Day of School and Summer Visitors.

The Last Day of School
Henry's Last Day of School At Fair Isle Primary School...

This week I have many lasts, last P.E, last F.I.T, last time I will play rounders in the car park with the school kids. I know I have memories that will last forever.

I'm going to miss school on an Island with 6 Pupils. Next year there will be about nine hundred pupils in my school. I will have about 30 in my class. I will also enjoy coming home and visiting Fair Isle.
(Henry age 12)

A little summer vaction... Then...
 Next semester Lerwick! bound for Anderson High School.

They are growin' fast!

Henry's first day of school - Nov. 2006

A Bees C's
(not bees, but bee mimic hoverflies)

Donald, Maureen & Christine Wilson being shown to the top of the South Lighthouse by distant relative Stuart Thomson.
Thank you to Maureen, who asked Donald to make a donation to the Fair Isle Lighthouse Society
 for her birthday gift.

The Wilson Family 1928 - together again. 
Springfield croft and grain drier. 
Donald's grandfather, Jerome Wilson (of Gaila) who left Fair Isle for Nanaimo, Canada in 1890 came back for a visit with his family.  The small girl in centre you may know, Annie Wilson/Thomson (now of Shirva) her father also Jerome Wilson is standing behind her. I don't think many immigrants went over seas and came back to visit? The Scotch Bakery, the family business must of been quite successful it spanned 4 or 5 generations of Wilson family. 

A mother only a child could love...

Ooo, The wool is falling off Ewe, give her a clip will you?

Ringed Plover

Guests from Barcelona Spain. Wildlife Photographers.

Simmer Dim Sunset

Cabbage White Butterfly - infrequent visitor from the South.

From NYC & Brooklyn

 It's Summer! Time to Enjoy the Puffins!

Puffin Peek-a boo!

 Sunny Days!

Rainbows too!

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  1. I adore the last three photos! Henry is a lucky boy to grow up in such a beautiful place!

  2. I remember thinking what a special place it would be for kids in such a small school, and what a challenge when they. Went off to high school. Good luck Henry! Spectacular pictures of the puffins. I would swear that we were right on the spot of your 'Sunny Days' picture when we visited.