Sunday, June 09, 2013

Orca! Killer Whales! South Harbour, Fair Isle.

Whale Sighting!

Video & Photos! turn up the quality!

Hunting in a pack.
 at least 8 Orca swam around Fair Isle yesterday.

update: (Number is thought to be 15 whales in all.)

This was the largest whale... the fin was so long it was bent over.

circling something?

no time to golf now!
Whales off the 1st green.

Henry looking at a hiding seal.

Truly Amazing!
one of the best wildlife experiences ever.


  1. Superb shots! Well done!

  2. amazing photos and way cool footage - kudos and applause.

    - Kristyn Kuhn (Karen's sister and Ari's second mamma)

  3. Hey! Nice to find your blog! We were actually there for a day two years ago, and had a wonderful visit. Didn't see whales, but we saw a lot of birds. I recognize some of the picture locations.

    The Furry Gnome