Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Birdwatching - Little Gull, Scoter, Bean Geese & Waxwing


Scoter & Eider Duck


I took this photos & video from inside my car parked on the pier at the North Haven.


Sheep Rock & the South Haven

I saw a Little Gull?
 This Photo and the Video below are rubbish! but I hope it's enough that someone might believe me...
Little Gulls are not that common here...


A few other Gulls about.......
I didn't bother counting them all.

Bean Geese - Tiaga? Tundra?
On the 21st I saw 8 to10 Bean Geese, on the 22nd I saw 7.
Today I saw 13 Bean Geese, 2 Pink Footed Geese and over 80 Greylag Geese.

Bean Geese

What's This?
A rubbish photo I know, but it maybe just enough to verify Bohemian Waxwing in the Auld Haa Garden today. First of the year! other birds in my garden include Robin, Rock Pipit, Wren, Blackbird, House Sparrows, Starlings, 3 Hooded Crows and Gulls chasing after table scrapes from last nights dinner, one of which is a Iceland Gull!

Skerry Holm - Nedder Taft - Taft - Fair Isle Museum
& Auld Haa House.
 The weather has been mostly grey gales of wind and rain... but when it's nice out I try yo get out for a walk.
South Harbour - Keels & Skerries.

View of the Sunset from the Auld Haa House.

T H Hyndman
A recent Oil Painting I did abstracting Puffins & Sheep Rock.

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  1. Well I would say that your Little Gull probably is one, seeing the size of it.