Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Christmas - Parties & New Years Birding

A fine New Years Day on Fair Isle. 2014
 The sun came out New Years Day though it was still with strong wind, a better than expected day weather wise for our first of the year bird count. I could help but to stop and take some photos in the lovely light of a short day.

South Harbour at high tide.

South Lighthouse

Sheep at Shirva with the Reevas in the background.

Glaucous Gull at Setter.

 David,, Henry & I started our annual first birds of the year bird count at 10 am.

New Years Days Bird List as we saw them:

Fulmar - Greylag - Starling -Rock Dove - Turnstone - Wigeon - House Sparrow - Blackbird - Mallard - Fair Isle Wren - Redshank -Herring Gull - Wood Pigeon - Hooded Crow - Rock Pipit - Black-headed Gull - Eider Duck - Red-breasted Merganser - Shag - Snipe - Purple Sandpiper - Gannet - Black Guillemot - Curlew - Robin - Common Gull - Song Thrush - Snow Bunting - Raven - Lapwing - Jack Snipe - Meadow Pipit - Dunlin - Glaucous Gull - Redwing -Common Scoter - Velvet Scoter - Long-tailed Duck - Whooper Swan - Fieldfare - Teal  Goldeneye.

By 3pm we had 43 species.
A Chaffinch was also seen just by David at 9am. before we started together.
3 Little Auks were seen by Nick Riddiford off the South Lighthouse.
Bringing the Isle total to 45 species.

What day is it?
The posts go backwards in time from here on...
The King of the Swingers! Jungle Book theme.
 Hogmanay Guisers in great home made costumes. 

Liz and others saying goodbye at the plane after Christmass and Boxing Day.
Dec. 27, Liz is heading to the USA.

Also at the plane, look at the Luck Girls!
Who's Nannie knit them Fair Isle Keps for Christmas!

Boxing Day Pantomime - Sleeping Beauty

Well done to the whole cast!

I took some video when walking on a windy Christmas Day...


Never to much Chocolate on Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve Party at the Auld Haa House.

Christmas Eve the tree all a glow.
We have had a Happy Holidays. Happy New Year! 


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Tommy!
    Pretty good list you got today!

  2. I really love this pics from Shetland:) I really should love to visit your place:) I live in the other corner of the ocean between us:)) Vigra in Norway:))

    Really love your place:)

    Take care and have a happy new year:))

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