Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Extreme Bird Feeder! Dead Seal for the Gulls.

Seal Pup at the South Lighthouse
- LOL! What can I say? I like to feed the birds! Fair Isle, Shetland. I cut open a dead seal that died in a recent storm, thus so the birds can feed, plus the carcase decays faster from the beach... I follow the progress and look in regularly as a birdwatcher over 12 days, I had hope one of the few and rare carrion loving Ivory Gulls in Britain would find a meal. Yes it is sad when you see a dead Seal, but the hide is so tough that most birds can't gain access to the tasty bits. Otherwise leaving the dead seal would have bloated up and stunk, only to become a fly factory. What a great source of nutrition for wintering Gulls. Watch to the end and see one of the many Live & Well Seal pups howl at me as I get to close.                                        -

My video is a hand held selfy documentary done with my pocket camera.

A few recent photos while walking about:
The Kirk & Sheep Rock viewed from top of the Houll.

The Kirk - Church of Scotland.

The Kirk.

Sheep Rock.

The School                                                                                                                            Sheep Rock


  1. Beautiful place!Love love it:)))It do not matter what you feed the birds with as..everybody does so:))

  2. I have long dreamed of visiting this place and lucky for me I found your blog. Someday I will also visit Shetland:)