Friday, February 28, 2014

Aurora! Northern Lights and the Merry Dancers.

Fair Isle's Sheep Rock and the Northern Lights.
Amazing display in the sky last night, people all over Shetland and northern Scotland were treated with the best display of northern lights I have ever seen. Though it wasn't the brightest on I have seen, it covered most of the sky. Not only in the north but from the south east to the south west the light was shimmering. A joy to behold as the lights pulsated in streaks across the moonless star lit night.

So many people are disappointed that they can't see the fantasy auroras they have seen in photos. The camera records more colour than you really see in any one moment, that is because a low light camera lens allows photographers to gather more light with a longer exposers. Often making fantastic images! but sadly unrealistic... I have edited and unsaturated my photos to more accurately portraits what I saw, but in no way does this do the experience justice and my colours are a bit off too.

Sheep Rock looking West.

I didn't know which way to look?
180 degrees from the photo above. 

Look at the stars, you can see Orion and the Pleiades constellations in the southern sky.
Showing just how over head it was.

Over head  the aurora streaked and pulsed reminding me of a disco.
No wonder they call it "The Merry Dancers".

Green curtains over the Chapel

It was hard to sleep knowing the Aurora was still fluctuating outside...
but my camera battery ran out about 1:30 am.
I went to bed glowing a bit too.


  1. Don't understand how anyone could possibly be disappointed at watching an aurora in Britain, especially when combined with the scenery of somewhere like Fair Isle. Magical!


  2. Amazing post. I like to read this post. I always love to enjoy Northern Lights Adventure.