Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nature Lovers - Photos of Natural Heart Shapes

 Come on and take another piece of my heart now baby! 
Happy Valentines Day from Fair Isle.


Every Valentines Day since 2007 I have taken a walk photographing natural heart shapes and then posting them for friends. This year I made a video too... I would of posted it yesterday, but the internet is so slow it took 15 hours to download to youtube... It was a beautiful day, know locally as a "Given Day" a warm sunny day with light wind sandwiched between the wild grey gales. Watch the video and take a walk with me around Fair Isle.

If you are on Facebook you might want to join my group Nature Lovers - photos of natural heart shapes:


  1. That was a lovely visit thank you Tommy. I think I would feel right at home there. Such s peaceful and suuny day too.

  2. Great thinking. Find our Love from the nature. This is really great.

  3. Great capture of the nature hearts:)) Really good!

    Have a nice weekend:)