Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hermit Thrush!

Gordon Bell
  Hermit Thrush   Catharus guttatus

Photographs by Gordon Bell
Gordon is one of 5 guests staying at my Auld Haa Guesthouse, part of the Shetland Wildlife - Fair Isle Spring Migration Tour. The surprised Shetland Wildlife guide Judd Hunt identified the North American Thrush in the field. Just before dinner while preparing an apple crumble I got a call from a flabbergasted Judd "I just found a Hermit Thrush at the base of Malcolm's Head." I called it into the Obs and a few other Islanders and then rushed over to see it myself. Wow! I have only seen a few in the USA... this is a Fair Isle and UK. tick for me. A 10th record for all of Britain. I have a rule at my Guesthouse, "No one complains when dinner is a bit late when a rare bird is about."

Bonxie - Great Skua
We are all laughing!
It's been a great Spring for rare birds... Who knows what's next?

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