Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hjukni Geo Adventure

A late afternoon wanderings to the bottom of Hjuckni Geo Beach with my son Henry.

This is my first blog post photographed and written on my phone... A bit of a new thing for me...

Boy & Buoy


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  2. It's wonderfull there. Is it eel? Is it for dinner? Henry's growing older. You both look very happy. A good life.

  3. Beautiful photos. Where is this beach?

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  5. Henry is so grown up. Sad to see that dead seal. Gorgeous photos.

  6. Hey Tommy, just watched you on tv, 'Where the Wild Men Are'. I live on The Mornington Peninsula in Vic Aus, urban yet if you look still wild. FMH, I now have another place on the bucket list (and at my age, rising seventy, I'd better get on with it). Been to Scotland several times in the last three years, just love it.
    Keep kicking arse mate, I'm jealous.

  7. Lovely time with your son there! What a gift for a child to spend time with his Dad like that. Memories for the treasure chest!

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