Monday, September 05, 2016

Island Lights and Northern Delights

Sunset at the South Lighthouse.

I have lived here for 10 years an still find joys here most every day.
and I can't stop taking pictures of them!

South Lighthouse and the Aurora

Note: the camera makes the Aurora much greener than in life.

Aurora curtain and upward beam over Malcolms Head viewed from the South Lighthouse at 2 am.

I caught a falling star on the right hand side of this photo.
I just missed a bigger one... though it is lucky to get any in a photo.

night lights out the back door...

High over the Haa...

South Harbour,Cro Stack and the Auld Haa.

Who's mother is so ugly?

don't ewe be talking about my mother!

everyone loves chicken.

I love the feel of sandy barefoot toes... aw.... Summer...

Black Redstart 

In early September, Black Redstarts are a sign of Autumn coming....
no matter how sunny and warm it is today....

A lovely bird

South Harbour Beach

The rare North American - Ring Necked Duck in the South Harbour.
First one seen on Fair Isle since the 1970's

We saw all the Razorbills have fledged, so we went scrambling down the cliffs at Easter Loder for a little look see. I always thought Henry was too young for this, but now I'm afraid he may be too fearless. A stunning adventure to cap his Summer vaction before he head back to school.

Stuck in the middle

Henry the Rock Hopper!

Waving to the Good Shepherd from the bottom of Easter Loder...
I don't think they see him... :)

Ian, Chris and Jimmy coming in from the kreels... We bought 2 lobsters.... yum!

Always Delightful...


  1. Wonderful :) Thanks for sharing

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