Saturday, April 23, 2022

Fair Isle Images

Island Dog


Highlander & Texel

Puffins are back

Gets the Worm

Low Tide in the South Harbour

Hello Auld Haafinch


Sheep Rock

Bonxie - Eater of Puffins


The Girls

Another Sunset

View from Malcolm's Head

Seals & Pups

South Light

Epic Fair Isle

Atlantic Puffin

Stormy Seas

The Dance

The South Light

I hope you enjoyed my POST



  1. Beautiful. Two more weeks! I. can. not. wait! I'm going to be very nervous of the Bonxies. I don't need to be chased by one or see one eating a Puffin.

  2. Awww the puffins �� absolutely gorgeous photos

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  6. Hi, I'm Olivia Foster. What great photos on your blog, thank you! But I like sunsets the most. Some of the best sunsets I got to see while on vacation in Honolulu. My husband and I rented a jeep Honolulu and drove along the coast to watch an unforgettable sunset.

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