Monday, November 08, 2010

Hey Dad... this is like fishing for birds. Oct. 28th, 2010

                                                             I think this is priceless!
This video is the first bird to come to us away from the door of the house.
Video much clearer once you start play

Cheeky & Cheeky

As you can imagine we all are very sad that Liz (my wife & Henry's mother) was not here the day of the hand feeding Waxwings. Especially since she is a professional Videographer with an HD video camera! Yes, Henry and I took some good photos considering I have 2 rubbish cameras! one is a old Fuji finepix given to me from a sympathetic guest that stayed at our Auld Haa Guesthouse after upgrading to a fancy Nikon! Believe me I'm thankful... but, its held together with a Rubberband! and you wouldn't want to take it out in the rain. The other camera is a little pocket Kodak point and shoot with a scratch on the lens, it has a nasty habit of over heating batteries to the point of melt down uselessness. Don't point it towards the light or sunset because the photo will be useless! making those photos all the more incredible... my % of usable photos much lower than most people. Yes clear HD video would of been nice and she did get some! but the day after and it wasn't same... the weather changed windy and grey, the Waxwings came one at a time and were not quite so hungry as I had feed them well before she return home. As my mother always says, You get what you get and you don't get upset.



  1. Priceless! And the joy of your wee boy is enchanting. An experience he will remember forever I'm sure.

  2. Your sons face says it all. Pure magic.

  3. Amazing! Let's hope for a few of these lovely birds down here (Wales) this year!

  4. Stumbled on to your blog from a shared photo on FB, absolutely beautiful photos.

  5. What a well-deserved privilege. To get so close to even one of these beautiful birds is amazing, yet so many . . . .
    Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope your investment in a few apples brings such wonderful rewards for you again.
    In the meantime, I'd just love to see one in real life - even through binoculars!

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed pictures and video! We have waxwings here (Anchorage, Alaska) that come to our Mountain Ash (Rowan) trees in the winter. Huge flocks of hundreds, move from one subdivision to the next finding the trees that still have berries. I wonder if there is any chance they migrate over the pole....

  7. Joan Childs 17 Feb, I live in Manitoba Canada and just happen to be painting Bohemian Waxwings and 1 evening grosbeak and one Robin who stayed the winter and visited my Ornamental Crab-apple tree the Waxwings have been coming since early January and are still visiting as lots of crabs left yet. Your pictures are beautiful and such a thrill to have them so close to you. But they do seem to be friendly birds as I can go outside and take pictures and they don't fly away.