Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 Lobsters in a Pot & the Biggest Fish in the North Haven

You're Kidding Me!  Lobster!!!!
I was began to wonder why they call it a Lobster pot, kreel or trap when all we catch are Crabs... Crabs a tasty but? Our Lobster kreel soaked for a week in the North Haven unchecked due to bad weather. I unhopefully looked at it during the Tall Ships event from shore as I knew the bait would be eaten by crabs the very first night. With a brake from the crap weather Henry & I were finally able to go fishing again and retrieve our one trap. Not a Lobster... but 3! Unbelievable! We have only caught 1 other lobster in 5 years! now bring our total to 4 a 300 percent boost 1 more and we will average 1 a year. LOL.
3 lobsters - weighing 1 to 2 pounds each
nothing beats the taste of sweet success with a little wasabi butter.

everything is just ducky.

Am I Dreaming?
Pollack - Henry Caught this fish in the North Haven as well.
 A new North Haven record... the biggest ever!
(for us or that we know of?)

 Of course Henry caught the fish on my fishing rod while I was untangling the mess he made of his. I can't help but think of my father with 4 kids in the boat it's a wonder he ever caught anything.

Lobster Last Night!
Fish & Chips Tonight!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on a full pot Henry .....and the photo is a cracker. What a pair. Margo

  2. nice works boys! wasabi butter....yum! Annie john :o)