Friday, July 15, 2011

The Elusive Black-Headed Bunting

Black-Headed Bunting  Emberiza melanocephala

10 days ago this bird showed it self to 1 man. Two days later I got a distance glimpse of this bird at 10:15pm in the overcast Simmer Dim and light rain. It has been occasionally showing up a Schoolton in the evenings to roost for the night and only shows for a few minutes before diving in the Rosa Begosa. Where it goes during the day is anyone's guess? Know one knows? I have dipped this bird about 7 times in 10 days. I wanted so bad to see this bird in good light and maybe get a decent photo... no such luck. Tonight I got a call from Schoolton at sunny 7pm. and raced up there to dip it again. I waited about a hour (nothing) then went home to have dinner. I was back 40 minute later for another hour... the bird did finally show! but by that time the sun was behind the hill and grey clouds cover the sky. I got a better record shot this time but the bird is very shy and soon flew off. I knew I couldn't get a better photo tonight so I left it to roost in peace. Elusive is the word and the bird. 

I needed all my patience that I usually reserve for fishing for this bird.

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