Saturday, July 09, 2011

Island Life! Lumpsuckers & A Hand full of Birds.

Baby Lumpsuckers also known as Lump Fish
Baby Lumpsuckers caught with Henry's minnow trap... not in it, but found sucking the bottom of the floating buoy. We have never seen anything like them before (so cute!)
So cute, but will grow into a ugly brute.

Jessica the Starling Researcher.

a hand full of birds

Henry & Jessica checking the Starling nesting sight at the old mill.

Cheers again! this is the 4th or 5th FIBO opening party I've been to?
Great speech and insight Jimmy!

Sheep Hill - I clipped 2 1/2 sheep just to be neighborly.

Killer Whale or Large Fish in the South Harbour?

Young Wheatear
What the?

When I first saw large black wings landing on Meoness in the fog I thought it looked interesting from my window? I found it all hunched over standing on the cliff in the thick fog... I thought it might be a Black Stork! When I saw it raise it's neck? what the heck! was it some sort of Crane? I went back to the house to get my Collins Field Guide and called the Bird Obs to send one or two of the boys down to help... They brought a van load. The bird flew to the Scrape, was it young Purple Heron? It was on the cliffs by the Holms by time the "Van" showed up. They had distant views in flight and confirmed it must be a Heron, most likely badly oiled. The next day I saw it again and snuck up on it to get better photos... I concluded it was a juvenile Grey Heron badly oiled stained. but if anyone has any other ideas let me know?

 Red Herring? Black Oiled Grey Heron?
it was interresting...
closest thing to a Bald Eagle I saw all day. 
(Great Skua - Bonxie)
Fourth of July at the Auld Haa House, Fair Isle.

Fireworks at 11pm. still not so dark out.

Rare Migrant Hover Fly - Scaeva pyrastri

YUCK! tastes like fish?

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