Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rare Bird for Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving?
It 's okay with these Turkeys if you want to wait til Christmas.

Some of the 16 Bean Goose I saw on the way to the "Shop" yesterday.
I saw one White Fronted Goose among them and a few Greylag. plus 5 Barnacle Geese still present

Barnacle Goose

2 of the 3 Swans hanging about the Isle.
Little Auk & Scaup found washed up on the South Haven Beach

Raising the wind turbine, man power for wind power!

It is times like these when all the young able body men get together that you quickly realize we are all over 40

The Reed Bunting from a few days ago... but I did not see it today the crop is all cut now and it my have moved on?

Dunnock (ringed) still hanging around... could stay for the winter?

Large flock of Snow Buntings viewed from my garden.

In the South Harbour?

What's that?

Little Gull  Hydrocoloeus minutus

2 Little Gulls probably the best rare birds that I have blundered into in the past few days...
I found them in the South Harbour driving back from the "Shop" yesterday.
Two is a good record for Fair Isle.
 I made special effort to make a record shot with both birds in frame for any of you doubters out there.  

Plenty of Purple Sandpipers like this one.

Welcome home & Happy Thanksgiving from Fair Isle.

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  1. hi, i'm starting here to read throguh your whole solstice season -- somehow your community seems to be closer to it than mine here in albuquerque. is the wind turbine to provide power for the whole island?