Thursday, November 03, 2011

Halloween Batty for Bird of the Week

Happy Halloween!

Oct. 24th - 30th, Bird of the week... a Bat?
in the Obs Ringing Room.
caught at Barkland

 Henry's costume... Dracula!
3 little monsters

Pumpkin Seed Teeth

The scariest thing seen at this Auld Haalloween Party...
was the Freak Show "Attraction" Bearded Lady

Nice Pumpkins! Party Balloons! etc... possible the only way I'll ever see Tits on Fair Isle? LOL

Yellow Hammer


I count 56 Jackdaw? this is crazy!
Flying from the crop by the Puffin Hotel back to the crop at Nedder Taft
I got a few rubbish record shots of Black Redstart, Stonechat & Whinchat but they are not worth showing as is the photo above or below. but if I don't show them? the other birdwatchers always "question" anything they have missed as something I may have misidentified... cheeky but true.

Very late record... Stonechat
With the time of year and winds from the east? I so wanted this to be Eastern or Siberian Stonechat... though it does have a very large white patch or collar? the breast seems much to orange for that.

Black Redstart

The sun is going down so early these days...


  1. Bramblings - lovely birds.....and I really like your photo of the Yellowhammer all fluffed up and crest alert!
    Nice way to finish your post Tommy with a sunset.

    Best bird of the day for me yesterday at Barnes - a Common Redpoll!
    It actually stayed on the same part of the tree for enough time for even me to get a photos (mind its the new clever camera really!)


  2. Good Birds, Some Good Photos, I find your Record shots of birds really interesting of which puts identification skills to the test.

    Your Whinchat Looks like a Wheatear



    The above photos are for you to compare, The Wheatear looks strikingly the same.

    Good attempt!