Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sailing the North Sea - Framstig Video

The 100 year old boat from Norway adventures to Shetland, then on to Fair Isle. Followed by travel to Orkney and back to Fair Isle then Home to Norway. Along the stormy way I mended thier sail which you can see in this earlier post: http://fair-isle.blogspot.com/2011/07/mending-sails-well-this-is-something.html

I have a brief apperance in the video mending the sail after it being ripped in a gale coming back from Orkney. I must of done an okay job as it held in a much larger storm on the way back to Norway.  The video is pretty cool check it out!


  1. That video is incredible! Thanks for sharing Tommy!

  2. i have just found this amazing blog while trying learn more about fair isle, and i am so glad to be a follower! well done!

    greetings from istanbul/turkey